About Us

Meydanbey Construction was established by Kemal Şener for the purpose of contracting works to the state and in the following years the company strengthened with the experience and the vision gained. Nowadays, it has been developing contemporary living spaces in various regions of our country with its design and engineering know-how.


Meydanbey Construction,  has developed many projects with its domestic and foreign partners in the top locations of Istanbul, has adopted the principle of working shoulder to shoulder with its technical staff. Therefore in every project developed by Meydanbey Construction’s guiding principle is working with utmost care from the development of the project till handing over the project for its new owners, to achieve %100 customer satisfaction.

With its over 30 years of experience and collaboration of its group companies, in every project , Meydanbey Construction continues its operations with keeping an eye on desired location’s socio-cultural and economic environment while protecting its philosophy of “Human-First” aiming higher quality of life for its customers.